Monitorpack Discovery

Monitorpack Discovery is a network discovery engine that allows you to detect all your devices without limit whether it is routers, Windows PCs, servers or cameras, smart sockets, in fact any device with an IP address and to identify their manufacturer for most of them Monitor pack Discovery is an essential subscription to be able to use all our freeware such as Monitorpack Guard, Asset and SNMP.

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Discovery Features

  • Discovering networks, WiFi of all devices with an IP address.
  • Update & detection of the manufacturers of each device.
  • Detection of shared services, web services, FTP, SSH and Active Directory directories,
  • Excel export of Discovery results,
  • Permanent update of the database (discovery every 5 minutes) in the background (Windows service),
  • Allows with a single subscription to operate Monitorpack Guard, Asset & SNMP.


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