Monitorpack Guard

TECK SYSTEM SOFT is pleased to provide you with its addon Monitorpack Guard, to consolidate reports, create tickets, send alarms by email and execute scripts under conditions.

Download Guard



Monitoring with Monitorpack Guard

Monitorpack Guard monitors all my applications, servers, PCs, network devices..

  • Send alerts by email.
  • Runs your scripts on demand and under conditions.
  • Check all performance counters, windows service, tcp ports, shares, windows vents.
  • Automatically create tickets in ZenDesk, Service Now, Zoho Desk or other helpdesk solutions.
  • Consolidate my alarms on my SQL servers (bases and scripts provided free of charge)
  • Consolidates all my alerts in reporting service dashboards (SSRS) in the cloud subject to subscription (this is an optional service).